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Getting Your Dog Into A Rooftop Tent

Welcome, fellow dog lovers and rooftop adventurers! If you've ever found yourself pondering the logistics of getting your furry friend into your Rooftop Tent, you're not alone!

In this guide, we'll show and explain the best options to get your dogs into your Rooftop Tent!

Dog inside rooftop tent



Option 1: Lift Up & In

Funny meme of dog lifted up like Simba from lion king

Sounds like a no brainer right? Simply lifting your dog into the tent is definitely the best option if your dog is on the smaller side or not a fan of climbing. Just make sure you do it safe! we recommend having a harness on your pup for extra security.


  • Preparation: Position yourself beside the open tent entrance.
  • Lift and Encourage: Gently lift your dog, providing support under their belly or hindquarters. Offer reassuring words and plenty of affection as you guide them into the tent.
  • Treats and Praise: Once inside, shower your dog with treats and praise to reinforce the positive experience.

What if my dogs are too large or I don't feel safe lifting them up? Check out option 2 below.

Option 2 : Ramps

Dogs going down ladder ramp

For dogs who can handle a gradual incline, a ramp can be the best way inside your tent. These can be purchased to fit your ladder dimensions or you can make your own! Just be sure to use material that is textured and strong enough to support your dogs.


  • Choose the Right Ramp: Invest in a sturdy, non-slip ramp suitable for your dog's size and your ladder dimensions.
  • Positioning: Set up the ramp at the entrance of the tent, ensuring stability and a gentle incline.
  • Treats and Guidance: Use treats and gentle encouragement to guide your dog up the ramp, practice till you and your furry friends are confident in going in and out of your Rooftop tent.

Option 3: Teach Your Pooch The Ladder Climb 

Dog going up ladder into tent

This one is for the athlete pups in the group. It is definitely the more challenging option but with persistence, treats, and a generous dose of patience, you can successfully guide your furry companion through the ladder-climbing process. It's an investment that pays off in the form of an independent and ladder-savvy pup.


  1. Observation and Familiarization:

   - Allow your dog to observe you using the ladder to create interest.

   - Set up the ladder on solid ground for initial exploration.

  1. Introduce Vest Harness and Positive Reinforcement:  - Start with a vest harness for support during early climbs.

   - Use treats and praise to positively reinforce ladder interaction.

  1. Gradual Climbing Practice:

  - Guide your dog onto the ladder's lower rungs.

   - Gradually increase the height and phase out the harness as confidence grows.

  1. Regular Short Sessions and Celebration:

   - Keep training sessions short and positive to avoid frustration.

   - Celebrate successful climbs with treats and enthusiastic praise.

Consistency in these steps will help your dog become a confident ladder climber for rooftop tent adventures!


Tail-End Conclusion:


Rooftop tents come with numerous advantages, notably ensuring your dog's safety and protection during your journey. Incorporating your dog into the rooftop tent experience might initially appear to add an extra layer of complexity to your camping adventure. Nevertheless, the rewards far exceed any inconveniences, particularly when you consider the cherished companionship that awaits you.

Determining the most effective method for getting your dog into and out of the rooftop tent may involve experimenting with various approaches. Despite the initial challenges this process may present, in due time, you and your canine companion will establish a seamless and hassle-free routine.


We wish you and your furry friends the best on your next adventure!

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