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Hard Shell vs Soft Shell Rooftop Tents| What's better for me?

Camping enthusiasts and nomadic travelers, the journey into this elevated camping experience begins with two options, Hard shell or Soft Shell Rooftop Tent?  

Soft Shell Roof Top Tents

Friends inside soft shell rooftop tent 

Unfolding Space:

Soft shell rooftop tents pioneered the rooftop camping experience with their fold-out design. This approach maximizes sleeping space, turning your rooftop into a cozy retreat.  


For those who prioritize smart spending without compromising on camping essentials, a soft shell rooftop tent is the choice. As outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the need for gear that lasts without burdening your budget.


Soft shell rooftop tents, make an excellent choice for those who prioritize a lightweight camping setup. The lightweight construction facilitates a manageable installation process.

360-Degree Views:

Embrace the beauty of your surroundings with soft shell tents that provide windows on all sides, offering a breathtaking 360-degree view. The fold-out design enhances the camping experience, allowing you to connect with nature from the comfort of your elevated haven.

Inside view of soft shell tent

Internal Storage and Comfort:

Soft shell tents l prioritize internal space, providing room for storing basic bedding, pillows, and sleeping bags. Even when closed, these tents allow for the storage of gear on top, offering convenience and organization in your camping setup.

 Expansive Sleeping Area:

The fold-out design of soft shell rooftop tents redefines camping comfort by providing a larger sleeping space. Perfect for accommodating families or couples with pets comfortably. The tent above is a 4 person rooftop tent.


 Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

Hard shell rooftop tent


Low Profile & Aerodynamic Advantage:

These tents seamlessly blend with your vehicle's roofline, ensuring a sleek appearance. The compact and streamlined nature of hard shell tents does not compromise gas mileage or hinder travel speed, promising a smooth journey to your camping destination.

Fast setup with Gas Strut Assist:

Hard shell tents equipped with gas strut assists make setting up a breeze . Solo adventurers, in particular, benefit from the ease of operation, eliminating the need for additional hands during camp setup. 

 When embarking on a camping adventure with your family, especially with kids, factors like ease of use, speed of setup, and sleeping size become crucial!

Family outside next to Rooftop tent


Size and Style Variations:

Hard shell tents come in diverse sizes and styles, catering to the preferences and needs of different campers. Whether you're an individual seeking solitude or a family looking for shared adventures, there's a hard shell rooftop tent for you. 

Gear Storage Mastery:

Another standout feature of hard shell rooftop tents is their dual-purpose functionality. With crossbar kits, the rooftop tent hard shell you will have more options on what to bring with you  Upon reaching your destination, simply remove the gear, and your adventure begins.

So what's better, Hard shell or Soft shell rooftop tents?

In the great debate between hard shell and soft shell tents, there is no wrong choice; it all depends on your goals and experience level. The rooftop tent you choose should align with the nature of your adventures, your preferred camping style, and the features that matter most to you.


If You Prioritize Durability, Easy Setup, and Gear Storage:

  • A hard shell rooftop tent is worth the investment. Ideal for extended stays in a single location, rigorous off-road adventures, or for campers seeking a more traditional tent feel with added elevation.

If You Seek Increased Sleeping Space, Affordability, and Lightweight Options:

  • A soft shell rooftop tent is a fantastic choice. Perfect for those who prioritize versatility and quick deployment, soft shell tents cater to frequent campsite changes, compact cars, and enthusiasts aiming to keep their vehicle's weight down.

Conclusion: A Tent for Every Journey

As you ponder the soft shell vs hard shell rooftop tent dilemma, consider the nature of your adventures and the features that matter most. Whether you opt for the quick-draw convenience of a soft shell, the robust comfort of a hard shell. Your rooftop sanctuary awaits, get ready to elevate your camping experience to new heights. 

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Nicole Mikels - December 31, 2023

I think the soft shell is more my cup of tea

Jonathan Altman - December 31, 2023

I like the hard top best.

John Patterson - December 31, 2023

Hardshell sounds better

Jill Hanson - December 31, 2023

I love this! Soft shell tents all the way.

Byron - December 31, 2023


Ron Ablang - December 31, 2023

soft shell. Weight is lighter.

Jacob - December 31, 2023

Soft top for sleeping space and light weight.

Troy Forbus - December 31, 2023
Durability, Easy Setup, and Gear Storage…hard shell
Darren McGowan - December 31, 2023

Soft shell for me 🏕

Michael Bellanca - December 31, 2023

Hard Shell

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